The couple have invested in a new custom coffee van which will serve its own specialty coffee, which is named ’11-11’. Nichola Suitor, owner of ‘Suitor Yoga’ has retrained as a barista and will be operating the coffee van.

The coffee van will be located at Moat Park in Dundonald and is expected to be open from the beginning of July. Suitor Coffee beans are also available to purchase online.

Nichola Suitor, co-founder of Suitor Coffee said:

“It has always been a dream of mine to open a coffee shop and thanks to the funding from Danske Bank we now have Suitor Coffee. We hope to be a positive injection of energy to the area as restrictions begin to ease. Our speciality coffee beans are already available to purchase, and they are flying out the door. We can’t wait to start serving ’11-11’ coffee from the Suitor Coffee van soon.”

Co-founder Chris Suitor added:

“Suitor Brothers has been operating in Belfast for nearly 30 years and, despite the uncertainty of the past year, we’re continuing to venture into new areas of business. It can be easy to bury your head in the sand during difficult times, but we’re doing our best to remain positive and look for new opportunities as they arise. We’re grateful that the loan from Danske Bank has enabled us to start this new endeavour.”

Graham Duff, Small Business Adviser at Danske Bank said:

“At Danske Bank we’re committed to helping Northern Ireland grow again. Small businesses like this are at the heart of Northern Ireland’s economy. We’ve had a great working relationship with Chris and Nicola in their business ventures and are delighted to support them as they take on this new opportunity.”

Suitor Coffee beans are available to purchase from the Suitor Coffee website.