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Our new security app gives you a safer, easier way to log on to eBanking, approve payments and more

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Our new app replaces your plastic Access ID security card. So anything you currently use the card for – approving payments on the Mobile Bank App, logging on to eBanking, setting up standing orders and so on – will now be done through the app.

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Danske ID creates secure digital signatures each time you use it so it will be more secure than your Access ID security card

It’s also handier and easier to use. Once activated you’ll no longer need to go looking for your card down the back of the sofa or at the bottom of your purse. You’ll just need to reach for your phone.

But remember to hold on to your security card for a while longer as you’ll still need it for some things.

Getting started with Danske ID

Before you start, you’ll need to be registered for eBanking

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Then just go to your app store, search for ‘Danske ID’ and download the app.

Activate the app by following the instructions on-screen. You’ll need your eBanking user ID, passcode and security card handy.

Once you’ve activated Danske ID all you need to do is open the app and slide to approve when the time comes.

Danske ID slide to approve log on screen


  • Will Danske ID work on my device?

    Will Danske ID work on my device?

    Danske ID will work on devices that support iOS 11 or Android 5.

  • When and how will I use Danske ID?

    When and how will I use Danske ID?

    At the same times as you currently use your security card.

    To log on to eBanking

    After you’ve entered your user ID and passcode select the ‘Danske ID tab’, open Danske ID on your phone and swipe to approve your log on.

    To approve payments in eBanking, set up direct debits and standing orders.

    Where today you use your Access ID security card to approve these actions instead follow the directions on screen and then just open your app and swipe to approve.

    To approve payments of £1,000 or above on the Mobile Bank App

    If your payment is £1,000 or above, you’ll automatically be directed to Danske ID to approve the payment. You can approve payments under £1,000 with just your passcode.

  • What if I dont have a smartphone?

    What if I dont have a smartphone?

    No problem. Pop into your local branch or phone 0345 603 1534 (00 44 28 9004 9219 if you’re outside the UK) and select option 2 to order a physical fob which generates the six-digit code you’d normally get from your card:

    How do I use the fob?

    • When you’re logging on to eBanking, choose the eSafeID tab after you’ve entered your passcode and User ID.
    • When you’re asked for your One-Time Password, press the button on the fob.
    • Enter the six-digit code it gives you. The fob will display your code for 30 seconds, and then turn off automatically.

Important Information

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