Cards FAQ

  • What if my card is lost or stolen?

    What if my card is lost or stolen?

    Cards 24 hour Telephone Service:

    Card type UK number International number
    Mastercard Standard, Mastercard 24/7, Debit Mastercard & Visa Standard 0370 850 2481 +44 (0)28 9004 9201
    Mastercard Gold 0370 850 2482 +44 (0)28 9004 9202
    Mastercard Platinum 0370 850 2487 +44 (0)28 9004 9203

    You can also block your card from being used on eBanking and within the Danske Mobile Bank app.

  • Who do I contact if I have a query about my Debit Mastercard?
  • How is my Danske Mastercard protected online?

    How is my Danske Mastercard protected online?

    3D Secure adds an additional layer of security when shopping online at participating retailers. We will send a unique one-time passcode to your mobile phone which you'll need to key into your web browser to complete your purchase. For more detail see our 3D Secure page.

    With maximum security and minimal fuss, 3D Secure is convenient and free!

  • What are contactless payments?

    What are contactless payments?

    Contactless technology uses a chip embedded in your card that allows you to make purchases of £30 and under without having to enter your PIN, by simply holding your card next to the sales terminal.

    All new Danske debit and credit cards feature this technology.

  • Can I use my Debit Mastercard to make lodgements?

    Can I use my Debit Mastercard to make lodgements?

    Yes, in any Danske Bank branch and also in any participating Post Office in Northern Ireland.

  • What is Geoblocking?

    What is Geoblocking?

    Geoblocking is a security feature that allows you to restrict the use of your card(s) to certain geographic areas or to prevent the card being used for internet transactions, reducing the likelihood of fraud.

    You can easily manage the Geoblocking settings using eBanking or the Mobile Bank app.

  • Where can I see the full terms and conditions for my debit card?

Credit cards explained

A credit card gives you the freedom to buy things now and pay later.

A credit card is a form of borrowing. If your application is accepted, we will set you a credit limit for your card - this is the amount you can borrow and use on your credit card.

You will be sent a statement each month showing

  • how much you have spent;
  • the amount that you have to pay back; and
  • the date by which this needs to be paid

Interest is charged on any money you still owe (the outstanding balance) after this date.

  • Credit card pricing explained

    Credit cards are different from other credit products like loans and mortgages, because you can borrow and repay when it suits you, over many years.

  • What is an interest rate?

    This is the actual rate at which interest is charged, expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed.

  • What is APR?

    The Annual Percentage Rate shows you how much you will be charged in a typical year when you borrow money through a credit card, loan or mortgage.

    It includes all fees and other charges as well as just interest.

    We are required to state the APR in advertisements, allowing you to compare rates.

  • How is the interest rate set when a credit card account is first opened?

    Rates vary between card types but all Danske credit card holders enjoy the same rate for any particular card.

  • Where can you look to find out your interest rate?

    We produce a Summary Box for each of our cards in order to make the credit process as transparent as possible for you. The APR in each Summary Box is based on a sum of £1,200 borrowed over 12 months.

  • Will the interest rate on your card account vary depending on how you use it?

    Not with a Danske card, no. We charge a single, flat rate irrespective of whether you have made a purchase or cash withdrawal.

  • Why do interest rates change over time?

    Interest rates can go up or down, reflecting changes in the cost of providing credit, economic conditions and the risk that some customers may not be able to repay.

    If we do increase your interest rate, we’ll give you at least 30 days’ notice.

    If this happens, you will have 60 days to close the account and repay the remaining balance at the existing rate of interest.

    We may also give you the option to transfer your balance to an alternative Danske product at the existing (or lower) interest rate.

    Except in exceptional circumstances, for example where there are sudden changes in the economy, we will not increase our credit card interest rates more often than every six months.

    You will of course also see a change if your promotional interest rate comes to an end.

  • Does a change in an interest rate just apply to any new spending?

    No, changes will apply to the whole of any outstanding balance.