Cards FAQ

  • What if my Danske Mastercard is lost or stolen?

    You can block lost, stolen or damaged cards via ebanking, mobile/tablet app, by calling us or in person in a local branch.

    There is a £7.00 fee when ordering a replacement card. Please ensure you have enough funds in your account as the fee will be debited once the order is place.

    Please note that if you think you are at risk of potentially unauthorised transactions or fraud, we recommend calling us immediately on 0800 032 4368.

    Here’s how to block your card via ebanking:

    1. Log on to eBanking
    2. Select ‘Cards and currency’
    3. Click on ‘Card overview’
    4. Select the card you want to cancel and select ‘block card’
    5. Fill in the form and click OK
    6. We’ll then ask you for your password.

    (And here’s how to reorder a new one. Steps 1-3 are the same as blocking)

    1. Select the card you wish to reorder and click ‘reorder card’
    2. Click OK
    3. We’ll then ask you for your password.

    Here’s how to block your card via the App:

    1. Log on
    2. Go to the ‘Overview’ page
    3. Tap ‘Cards’ in the top menu
    4. Tap the card you want to block
    5. Tap ‘Block card temporarily’ from the menu
    6. Tap ‘Block card’ located at the bottom of the screen

    To order a new one, tap ‘Replace card’ from the card menu and follow the instructions.

  • Who do I contact if I have a query about my Debit Mastercard?

    You can contact us on 0370 850 2481 or if you're outside the UK, on +44 28 9004 9201.

  • How is my Danske Mastercard protected online?

    3D Secure adds an additional layer of security when shopping online at participating retailers. We will send a unique one-time passcode to your mobile phone which you'll need to key into your web browser to complete your purchase. For more detail see our 3D Secure page.

    With maximum security and minimal fuss, 3D Secure is convenient and free!

  • What are contactless payments?

    Contactless technology uses a chip embedded in your card that allows you to make purchases of £100 and under without having to enter your PIN, by simply holding your card next to the sales terminal.

  • How can I change my contactless transaction limit?

    You may not be aware that from 15 October 2021, you can change your own contactless transaction limit!

    Your card will have a default limit of £100. You can change this through our Mobile Bank app, by calling us, or by visiting any branch.

    To do this on the Mobile Bank app, log on and navigate to the ‘Cards’ tab along the top. Select the card you’d like to change the limit for then select Card settings from the menu. Click on ‘Spending limits’ and select ‘Contactless Limit (per transaction)’, you can now select a limit of your choice from £0-£100, when ready select ‘Done’ to save your changes.

  • Can I use my Debit Mastercard to make lodgements?

    Yes, in any Danske Bank branch and also in any participating Post Office in Northern Ireland.

  • How can I use my card securely outside the UK?

    When we send you a new card, it’s set to work in the UK and on the internet only. This helps protect you against fraud.

    But when you leave the UK, you don’t need to tell us in advance– just use your PIN when you arrive at your destination. This will activate your card in that country and lets us know it’s you using the card. When you get home again, use your PIN when you make your first purchase to reactivate your card for the UK.

    Read more about going abroad and managing where you can use your cards.

  • Where can I see the full terms and conditions for my Debit Mastercard?

    You can download and view the terms and conditions here.

  • How can I dispute a credit or debit card transaction?

    If there is something wrong with a recent purchase made with your Danske Mastercard, we may be able to help you dispute the card transaction.

    The first step before you raise a dispute is to contact the retailer. If you have contacted the retailer and the issue has not been resolved you can raise a dispute. If we can resolve your case we can charge back (refund) to your debit or credit card. For more detail see our card disputes page.

Credit cards explained

A credit card gives you the freedom to buy things now and pay later.

A credit card is a form of borrowing. If your application is accepted, we will set you a credit limit for your card - this is the amount you can borrow and use on your credit card.

You will be sent a statement each month showing

  • how much you have spent;
  • the amount that you have to pay back; and
  • the date by which this needs to be paid

Interest is charged on any money you still owe (the outstanding balance) after this date.