Dispute credit or debit card transactions

If there is something wrong with a recent purchase made with your Danske Mastercard, we may be able to help you dispute the card transaction. If we can resolve your case we can charge back (refund) to your debit or credit card.

Have you noticed suspicious activity on your account?

Suspicious activity on your account is when it hasn’t been authorised by you and may be fraud.

There are various reasons why you might not recognise a transaction. If you suspect fraud, call us immediately on 0800 032 4368 and we can help you block the card. You can also block your card using the Mobile Bank app or eBanking.

Before you start

  1. The first place to start is with your retailer. In some cases, the retailer may have made a mistake and you can contact them directly to receive a refund or resolve.
  2. In order to start the process of investigating the disputed transaction, you must have already contacted the retailer. Please fill in the relevant online form at the bottom of the page to give us details of the dispute. To make the process as straightforward as possible please follow these points:
    • if you are disputing more than one transaction and they are on different cards, please submit them on separate forms.
    • make sure the details you are putting into the online form are correct, as they will need to match our system. If you submit the form and they don’t match, we can’t process your case.
    • you may need some of the following documents to help complete the form: your bank statement, original order, return postage and receipts or invoices.
    • If it is an ATM dispute you will need the location information.

The Credit or Debit Card dispute process

Wrong amount of money taken from account

You have made an online order and you were charged the wrong amount.

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No refund received

You have returned your order but the refund is not back in your account.

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Goods or services not received

The retailer has charged for your order but you haven’t received the goods or service.

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Defective goods

There is an issue with the goods or service received.

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No funds from ATM

You have tried to get money from an ATM but the wrong amount or no money came out.

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