About us

A strong, local bank

Danske Bank is the trading name of Northern Bank Ltd, one of the largest banks in Northern Ireland and an autonomous subsidiary of Danske Bank Group. We’ve been helping people and businesses achieve their ambitions for over 200 years.

Today, we serve the needs of our personal and business customers through our branches, our regional business centres, telephone banking and a wide range of digital banking channels.

We get the best of both worlds – the strength and technology of a strong international parent, combined with our local presence, local decision-making and local expertise.

Meet our executive team

We are a local bank dedicated to Northern Ireland. Our CEO and management team are based here in Northern Ireland and it’s here that decisions are made.

Executive Committee

Kevin Kingston


Vicky Davies

Deputy CEO and Managing Director, Strategy & Corporate Development

Stephen Matchett

Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer

Richard Caldwell

Managing Director, Personal Banking and Small Business

Liam Curran

Chief Operating Officer

Shaun McAnee

Managing Director, Corporate and Business Banking

Philip smyth - Chief Risk officer

Philip Smyth

Chief Risk Officer

Tim Turner

Head of Business Development

Caroline van der Feltz

HR Director

Board of Directors - Executive

Kevin Kingston

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Vicky Davies

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Stephen Matchett

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Board of Directors – Non Executive

Gerald Gregory

Chairman of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Michael Black

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Jim Ditmore

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Lesley Jones

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Paul Rooney

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Carsten Rasch Egeriis

Member of the Northern Bank Ltd Board

Making more possible

We play a fundamental role in driving Northern Ireland’s economic growth by lending to people and to businesses. We also believe we have a fundamental responsibility to ensure we are contributing to the wider society that we serve and the local communities we are a part of. How we do business, is as important as the business we do. Our vision is to make more possible for our customers, our employees, our stakeholders and for society.

These three words sum up what we stand for in Northern Ireland - past, present and future.

Our history

We started life as the Northern Banking Partnership in 1809, and we’ve come a long way since then. Our roots here go back for more than 200 years – so we’re able to use our local presence, influence and understanding of the local market to help our customers and to give more back to where we live and work. While our trading name has changed a few times over the years, we’re still at the heart of all that’s best in Northern Ireland banking.

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