Savings interest rates

Rates correct as at 18 October 2023

Account Gross/AER (variable)
eSaver 2.65%
Account Gross/AER (variable)
Danske Prestige Savings Account 2.25%
Account Gross/AER (variable)
Danske Choice Plus Savings Account 2.25%
Account Gross/AER (variable)
Junior Savings 3.65%
Account Gross/AER (variable)
Danske Discovery Savings 3.65%
Account Gross/AER (variable)
Danske Instant Access
(This account was previously known as Summit.)
Account Tax-free/AER (variable)
Danske Cash ISA 2.65%
Account Tax-free/AER (variable)
Danske Junior Cash ISA 3.80%
Account Gross/AER (fixed)
Balances £5,000 – £249,999
Gross/AER (fixed)
Balances £250,000 and over
Danske Fixed Term Deposit
Personal and Business customers
1 month 1.80%/1.81% 1.80%/1.81%
2 months 1.80%/1.81% 1.80%/1.81%
3 months 3.15%/3.19% 3.15%/3.19%
4 months 3.15%/3.18% 3.15%/3.18%
6 months 4.00%/4.04% 4.50%/4.55%
9 months 4.25%/4.28% 4.75%/4.79%
1 year 4.50%/4.50% 5.00%/5.00%
2 years 4.60%/4.49% 4.60%/4.49%
3 years 4.70%/4.49% 4.70%/4.49%
4 years 4.80%/4.48% 4.80%/4.48%
5 years 5.00%/4.56% 5.00%/4.56%

How to check which savings account(s) you have on the Mobile Bank app or eBanking

If you have renamed your savings account(s), you can easily check which accounts they are in the Mobile Bank app or eBanking.

Mobile Bank App:

  • Log on to Mobile Bank to view your account overview
  • Tap the savings account you want to check
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to open your account settings.

Your account details are shown at the top of the screen with the name you have given your account (if renamed) and the product name of your savings account below.

You can also check the interest rate against your savings account on the same screen. Simply scroll down to 'Interest Rates' and tap to reveal.


  • Log on to eBanking
  • On the eBanking homepage, select the savings account you want to check from the 'Accounts' area.
  • Within the Savings account overview, select 'Terms and settings' under the account name.
  • Scroll to 'Account type' to find the product name and below this, you'll also find the interest rate on your account detailed.

Find out more about the interest rates of Personal savings accounts that are no longer on sale. These include Danske Notice, Danske Midas, Savings Account Plus and Saverplus.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please see individual product pages for details. We set the credit interest rates.

With the exception of ISAs, we will give you two months' written notice of any reductions to the variable credit interest rates applicable on your account.

Where the balance in your Danske Cash ISA or Danske Junior Cash ISA is £100 or more, we will give you 14 calendar days' notice of any reduction in the credit interest rates paid on the ISA accounts.

If we increase the credit interest rate on your account we will make the change immediately.

Fixed rates are fixed for the deposit term.

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