Payment Transaction History Retention Policy


As part of the Retail Banking Market Investigation Order 2017 by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), Northern Bank Limited trading as Danske Bank (The Bank) must provide payment transaction history to Personal Current Account (PCA) and Business Current Account (BCA) customers on or after account closure.

Customers closing an eligible account shall be provided with up to 5 years of transaction history, free of charge, unless they opt out of receiving the information.

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to customers or former customers who have closed a PCA or BCA and have opted to receive the Transaction History for that account.

This policy does not apply to any customer or former customer who:

  • Has opted not to receive the transaction history for any PCA or BCA that they have closed.
Requesting Transaction History
  • When a customer closes a PCA or BCA, they will be given the option to receive up to 5 years’ transaction history on that account.
  • The Bank will offer this information electronically, in a secure electronic ‘Statement Folder’ which can be accessed via
  • In exceptional circumstances a customer can opt to receive the transaction history in paper format. This must be collected from a Danske Bank Branch.
  • Any customer that closes a PCA or BCA through the Current Account Switching Service will be automatically set up for Statement Folder. There is no requirement for the customer to use this service.
Statement Folder
  • To access Statement Folder, the customer will need their customer number and a temporary PIN. The Bank will send these log in details via post, with the customer number arriving first and the temporary PIN two days later.
  • After 60 days the temporary PIN will expire. If the customer has not used it during this period they will have to request a new one to access Statement Folder.
Retention Policy
  • The Bank will provide access to Statement Folder and the corresponding transaction history for 5 years from the date the PCA or BCA is closed.
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