Welcome to our document upload facility

You can send your documents to Danske Bank quickly and easily using your computer, mobile phone or tablet device. You can even upload a photo of your document(s) provided it is clear and easy for us to read.

Before starting your upload process, you should ensure you have already saved your documents on your device and know where they are saved. You will need to locate them when using this service.

Once you have done that, please input the personal information requested and follow the instructions underneath this to successfully upload your documents.

Our team are waiting to receive these and make your process as easy as possible.

Upload your documents

Now you are ready to upload your documents. You can attach up to 10 files and they should be in Word/docx, Excel/xls/xlsx, PDF, Text/txt, JPEG/JPG, PNG or GIF format. You can easily upload your documents by using the upload button below to search for your saved documents – you can upload one document at a time and it may take a few seconds. The name you have saved your document under will be the reference we see when you upload it. Once you are happy you have attached your documents please hit Send and our team are waiting to receive your information. Please note that a file must not exceed 4 MB and the file name should not exceed 24 characters, including spaces.

File Size Exceeds the Limit , upload a file which is less than 4MB.
Delete File Size Exceeds the Limit , upload a file which is less than 4MB. We're currently experiencing some technical issues. Please try again later.

When you click send you also agree to send your information to Danske Bank.