Your payment holiday is coming to an end

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It is an uncertain time for many and we understand that not all our customers will be in the position to resume their personal loan or credit card repayments once their payment holiday (also known as a payment deferral) ends. As your payment holiday is coming to an end, we’ve sent you a letter detailing when your repayments are due to start again and what the repayments will be.

If you can start your repayments;

Please complete the form linked below and let us know you are happy to resume your repayments.

If you can’t resume your repayments;

Don’t worry, we can help you further.

When you complete the form, we’ll ask you some questions about how you have been impacted by coronavirus. We’ll use this information to give us a view of the type of support that you may need. We’ll then make an appointment for you to speak to one of our trained advisers and confirm the date and time with you within seven days.

Confirm your circumstances

If your personal loan or credit card payment holiday is coming to an end, complete the short webform so we know whether you are able to resume or need further support.

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If you need to speak with us more urgently because of a change in your circumstances or if you require further support including a face to face conversation, please let us know by calling 0345 600 2882 and we’ll arrange this for you.

Personal Loans

A further payment holiday (also known as a payment deferral)

  • You might be able to extend your personal loan payment holiday for up to another three months
  • During your first payment holiday your personal loan term will have been extended to include the payments due during the payment holiday and to cover additional interest which will have accrued. This was to ensure your repayments didn’t increase for the remaining duration of your loan
  • If you take a further payment holiday, your loan term will extend further, again this is to keep your repayments the same, to cover the payments due and additional interest which will have accrued due to a further payment holiday

Credit Cards

A further Payment Holiday (also known as a payment deferral)

  • You might be able to extend your credit card payment holiday for up to another three months.
  • If you take a further payment holiday, interest will continue to accrue and, as such, the overall balance on your Credit Card will increase.

Making partial repayments during a payment holiday

  • If you do decide to apply for a further payment holiday, you can still make payments to your personal loan or credit card at any time for an amount you are comfortable repaying and is within your affordability. This can be weekly, monthly or just whenever you have the affordability.
  • You can do this through eBanking or contacting us by phone. By continuing to make some contribution towards your repayments, the outstanding balance will reduce during this period, however the reduction will be less than if you were making repayments as per your original agreement.

Important to note: If you can afford to keep up repayments, in either full or smaller payments, then you should do so, as this will ensure that the overall cost of your personal loan or credit card is minimised. Taking a further relief will result in you paying more over the longer term.

Additional support

If you find that you need additional support or if your situation changes before we are next in contact, it is important that you contact us as early as possible and remain in touch to give us the best opportunity to help you. We operate a dedicated phone line for customers in financial difficulty: 0800 633 5783 (or +4428 90049561 from outside the UK).

If you’re not sure what to do, or need help to sort out any money worries that you may have, you can get free, independent advice from Advice NI or other debt counselling organisations. There is other support available online at the Money Advice Service, they have a very useful section called Money Navigator tool. Or you could check the Financial Conduct Authority’s coronavirus webpage which may be useful in this situation. You can find more information about these services on our Customers in financial difficutly page. If you find yourself in financial difficulty, it is important that you seek help as soon as possible. Here you can find useful information on budgeting and other help in regards to understanding essential expenses and priority debts.

If you have other commitments, you may want to consider contacting these creditors to discuss your repayments and where possible request a payment holiday with these providers if you have not already done so.

You can find questions about payment holidays generally at our payment holiday webpages for personal loans and credit cards.