Credit or debit card activation

Whether it's a card for a brand new account, a renewal or a replacement, when you receive your new debit or credit card, you must activate it before you can use it in shops or online.

For cards which are due to expire, you’ll receive your activation letter two or three weeks ahead of your new card arriving by post. You do not need to do anything until your card has arrived. For brand new or replacement cards however you may receive your card before your activation letter.

If we hold a mobile number for you, we will text you to advise when your new card has been dispatched in the post.

Once you have your physical card you can follow the guidance in the activation letter in order to activate your card or you can:

  • Use it with the correct PIN in a shop's card terminal, at a cash machine or in your local Post Office
  • Log on to our Mobile Bank App, tap 'Cards' and then select the card you want to activate (however you’ll still need to insert your card and enter your PIN in order to activate contactless – see below)
  • Log on to eBanking and select 'Cards and currency' - ' Card overview' and click the arrow beside the card you want to activate (however you’ll still need to insert your card and enter your PIN in order to activate contactless – see below)

Activating Contactless payments

The contactless function is deactivated in all cards in order to ensure added protection when the card is being delivered. In order to activate the contactless functionality, you must firstly insert your card and enter your PIN when making a purchase in store and this will activate contactless. This is in addition to activating the card itself if using the Mobile Bank or eBanking activation methods above.

Please be aware that when using contactless as a method of payment, an additional card security feature means that occasionally you will be asked to insert your card into the terminal and enter the PIN in order to complete a transaction. Find more information on contactless limits and changing your contactless limit.

Using Apple Pay, Google Pay or other providers: If you receive a replacement card and had previously set up your debit or credit card to use through Apple Pay or Google Pay, your card will automatically update within your online wallet. You will, however, need to ensure you have activated the physical card before you will be able to make contactless payments using your mobile device or smart watch.

Your card PIN

For new cards, your PIN should arrive within 3 to 5 days of receiving your debit or credit card however if your PIN is delayed, it is visible in the Mobile Bank app the day after the card is ordered.

For replacement cards, your PIN will remain unchanged.

To check your PIN:

  • Log on to the Mobile Bank App
  • Tap the ‘Cards’ option along the top menu
  • Select the card you wish to view the PIN for (if more than one card is available)
  • Tap ‘view PIN’.
  • Enter your passcode which you use to log on to the Mobile Bank app.
  • Press ‘Hold to see PIN’ to reveal your 4 digit card PIN.

For more information on cards, have a look at our Cards FAQ help page.