Continuous Payment Authority

Also known as Recurring Card Payments

  • What is a Continuous Payment Authority?

    A Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) is also known as a recurring or future dated payment. It’s a payment set up by a retailer on your card account using your debit or credit card details to take future payments from your account. The retailer will debit your account until you cancel the agreement with them.

    If your card expires or is replaced, your new card information will be provided to the retailer automatically which means payments will continue.

    It’s used for things like online streaming services, memberships and subscriptions. If you sign up for a free trial, this could lead to a subscription. You should always read the terms and conditions and make sure you cancel the agreement before the end of the free period to avoid further payments.

  • How is it set up?

    This type of payment can be set up online, in person or over the phone by giving a retailer your card details. The date and amount of the payments can change from month to month, this will depend on what you agree with the retailer.

  • How do I stop this type of payment?

    You should contact the retailer and ask them to cancel your agreement. They should confirm the cancellation and tell you the date this will take effect from.

    If you can’t cancel your agreement directly with the retailer, you can contact us by phone or send a secure message via eBanking or mobile banking app, and we will try to stop the payments for you. You need to tell us to do this at least one business day before a payment comes out.

  • I cancelled my payment but it's still coming out of my account

    If you cancelled an agreement or subscription with a retailer but the payments continue to come out of your account, you should contact us by phone or send a secure message via eBanking or mobile banking app. We will investigate and raise a dispute on your behalf if necessary.

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