Danske ID app

Learn about Danske ID app. How to use and log-on to eBanking with Danske ID.

  • Security Card

    Security Card

    What do I do with my old Access ID keycard (Security Card)?
    Hold on them for now, you may still need them for some actions in relation to Danske ID. E.g. if you forgot your PIN code or get a new device (smartphone).

    Why do I need to replace my Access ID Security Card with an app or token device?

    We need to make these changes in response to new regulations on Strong Customer Authentication which are designed to make certain banking actions more secure.
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  • eSafeID divice

    eSafeID divice

    How do I order eSafeID device?

    We strongly recommend that you always use our Danske ID app. For most it will be a more intuative and simple solution to use. And if you want access to Mobile Bank app, you have to use Danske ID.

    If you still want eSafeID we can order one for you.