Learn about eSafeID. How to use and log-on to eBanking with eSafeID device.

  • Activate new eSafeID device

    If you have received a new eSafeID device, you need to activate it before use.

    • Click to Activate eSafeID
    • Enter User ID and password and click 'Continue'
    • Press 'Send' and you will receive an activation code via SMS.
      If your phone number is not registered, you must choose another activation method. See help info on the screen.
    • Follow the instructions on the page. Click ‘Continue to Log on’, and you are ready to log on to Business eBanking/District.

    Note. If the activation code from SMS is typed in incorrectly it will be blocked after 5 attempts

  • Security Card

    What do I do with my old Access ID keycard (Security Card)?
    Hold on them for now, you may still need them for some actions in relation to Danske ID. E.g. if you forgot your PIN code or get a new device (smartphone).

    Why do I need to replace my Access ID Security Card with an app or token device?

    We need to make these changes in response to new regulations on Strong Customer Authentication which are designed to make certain banking actions more secure.
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  • eSafeID device

    How do I order eSafeID device?

    We strongly recommend that you always use our Danske ID app. For most it will be a more intuative and simple solution to use. And if you want access to Mobile Bank app, you have to use Danske ID.

    If you still want eSafeID we can order one for you.

  • Incorrect eSafeID device

    If there is an error related to your eSafeID device, please consider the following:

    • Does the serial number on the back of your eSafeID device match the number you see on the screen.
    • Is it your own eSafeID device? 
    • Do you have more than one eSafeID device? 
    • Do you have more than one user ID eBanking? 
    • Have you received a new eSafeID device recently?

    If another user on your agreement has access to the 'User Administration' module in Business eBanking/District, the user can see the user ID associated with your eSafeID device.

  • Ordering a new eSafeID device

    If you lose your eSafeID devise, suspect that someone else is using it or it is broken, you must block it immediately by contacting eBanking Customer Support. You will be asked to provide your User ID. Under no circumstances will we ever ask you for your password.

    You can re-order a new eSafeID device in the following ways as soon as the previous device has been blocked: