Do you use your card online? Change is coming

Get ready for different checks, not just a text.

Strong Customer Authentication is being rolled out across the UK this year.

It’s a new way to give you greater protection when you’re shopping online with your Danske Mastercard.

Currently when you use your Danske Mastercard to buy something online, we text you a one time passcode. Online retailers will shortly start to ask you for one of two methods to approve online purchases.

Option 1: Danske ID

You can use our security app to approve online card payments with a swipe if you:

  • Have eBanking*
  • Are a Personal Banking customer
  • Have a smartphone or tablet device

*If you do not have eBanking but would prefer to use Danske ID you can register for eBanking. Expand the Danske ID section below to learn more.

Option 2: One-time passcode & password

You can use the unique one-time passcode we send you by text along with a password, set by you, and used each time you make an online purchase if you:

  • Are a Personal or Business Banking customer**
  • Don’t have a smartphone
  • Have a mobile number registered with us

**You can use this option regardless of whether you have or do not have eBanking.

This will be phased in gradually, so some retailers may still ask for only a one-time passcode in the meantime.

To get started:

Personal customers

Business customers

Has your card been declined online?

Not all retailers are ready for Strong Customer Authentication. If a retailer hasn’t asked you for the extra checks to authorise your purchase and your card transaction is declined you can find out more below.

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