Do you use your card online?

We will now ask you for different checks, not just a text.

Strong Customer Authentication is being rolled out across the UK this year.

It’s a new way to give you greater protection when you’re shopping online with your Danske Mastercard.

Online retailers will now ask you for one of two methods to approve online purchases.

If you have forgotten your password, require a new temporary PIN or need to request a new temporary PIN for the first time, please call us on 028 9004 6622.

Option 1: Danske ID

You can use our security app to approve online card payments with a swipe if you:

  • Have eBanking*
  • Are a Personal Banking customer
  • Have a smartphone or tablet device

*If you do not have eBanking but would prefer to use Danske ID you can register for eBanking. Expand the Danske ID section below to learn more.

Option 2: One-time passcode & password

You can use the unique one-time passcode we send you by text along with a password, set by you, and used each time you make an online purchase if you:

  • Are a Personal or Business Banking customer**
  • Don’t have a smartphone
  • Have a mobile number registered with us

**You can use this option regardless of whether you have or do not have eBanking.

To get started:

Personal customers

Business customers

Has your card been declined online?

Not all retailers are ready for Strong Customer Authentication. If a retailer hasn’t asked you for the extra checks to authorise your purchase and your card transaction is declined you can find out more below.

Find out more

Support for online shopping:

028 9004 6622

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