Using eBanking, you can easily transfer money to friends or family or pay bills, 24 hours a day. You can also cancel Direct Debits, set up and manage standing orders to make repeat payments and transfer money abroad.

You will need the sort code and account number of the person you are paying.

If you do not have eBanking, you can register here phone us or call into your local branch. Learn more about payments using the accordions below.

Find out more about payments

  • Payments on eBanking & the Mobile Bank app

    You can pay bills or transfer money to other accounts quickly and easily with eBanking and the Mobile Bank app, 24 hours a day and you can save payees to help make future payments easier.

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  • Transfer limits

    You can make payments up to a total of £25,000 per day via desktop eBanking. The Mobile Bank app has a lower limit of £10,000 per day for payments. If you wish to make payments which exceed this limit, this can only be done in branch. Find your nearest branch with our branch locator.

    You are able to reduce these limits within eBanking or Mobile Bank to a limit you are more comfortable with.

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  • Direct Debit

    Direct Debits are the easiest way to pay regular expenses such as household bills or repayments on a credit card and you can cancel Direct Debits through eBanking, over the phone or in branch.

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  • Standing Orders

    Standing orders are regular payments set up by you to send a fixed amount to another bank account on a regular basis. This could be to another one of your own accounts or to another individual’s or company’s bank account as a regular payment. As you set it up, you can amend or cancel a standing order at any time.

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  • Transferring money abroad

    You can make international transfers or transfer money abroad quickly and easily with eBanking or by filling in a form in your local branch.

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  • Payments sent in error

    Payments sent in error can happen because you may have entered the wrong account details when paying a bill or transferring funds, selecting the wrong payee, or making a payment for the wrong amount.

    We cannot normally cancel a payment once it has left your account, but we can try and help get it back.

    If you know the person or business that you sent the money to, the quickest way to resolve this is to contact them directly and ask them to return the money.

    If you don’t know the person or business, we'll do what we can to get the money back for you.

    Once you’ve told us about the payment, we’ll follow the credit payment recovery process which means:

    • within 2 working days, we’ll contact the building society or bank of the person you sent the money to
    • they then have 18 days to respond to our request to return it.

    Although recovery of funds is not guaranteed, the process ensures you will know the outcome of your claim within a maximum of 20 working days. Where we can’t get your money back this way, we will tell you about further options that may be available to you.

    If you have made a payment in error via mobile or internet banking please call us or come and see us in branch.

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