A passcode contains of four digits.

  • Change passcode

    Change passcode

    When choosing a passcode, be sure to choose something you can remember. You cannot choose four numbers alike e.g. 1111, 4444, 1234.

    How you change your passcode
    • Log on to eBanking.
    • Choose "Settings" in the light blue menu bar at the top of your screen.
    • Choose "Access ID" in the drop down menu and click "Change passcode
    • Type in your current passcode. 
    • Type in a new password. 
    • Repeat it and click "OK". 
  • Compromised passcode

    Compromised passcode

    If you suspect that somebody else has gained knowledge of your passcode, you must block your access to eBanking with that passcode.

    How you block your insecure passcode

    •  If you are able to access eBanking right away, you can change your password, code and in this way block access with the old passcode.
    • If you are not able to access eBanking, you must order a new passcode.
  • Set new password using a temporary PIN

    Set new password using a temporary PIN

    You need to enter your user ID and a temporary PIN before you can set your personal password.

    When you order a new temporary PIN, we will send it to you in a letter.

    • Click to enter logon details
    • Enter User ID and temporary PIN and click 'Continue'

    • Follow the instructions on the page and set new passcode.
    • You have now successfully activated your new password.

    • Click ‘Continue to Log on’, and you are ready to log on to eBanking.