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This guide tells you what you need to get banking online.

Before you start, you'll need your 8 digit user id and 4 digit temporary PIN which we sent you as separate letters. If you registered for eBanking in branch you may have received your user id and temporary pin there and then. You will need both of these the first time you log on to eBanking.

If you didn’t receive either your user id or temporary PIN, contact our eBanking Customer Support on 0345 603 1534 or +44 (0)28 9004 9219 if you're calling from outside the UK.


Every time you use eBanking, you’ll need to key in your User ID and passcode, then use Danske ID or an eSafeID device, to log on.

You may find it easier to log on to eBanking using a laptop or desktop computer.

Danske ID and eSafeID

Every time you log on to eBanking, we’ll use two methods of authentication to make sure it’s really you, your logon details as well as one of the following: our security app, Danske ID or an eSafeID device.

Find out more about each solution below and then expand the accordions for step by step guides to logging on to eBanking for the first time or alternatively, watch our video guide to help you get logged on using Danske ID.

Danske ID is a secure, convenient and easy to use app. Danske ID can be used to log on to eBanking, approve actions within eBanking, such as setting up a new payee or amending standing orders, and also works in partnership with our Mobile Bank app.

If you choose Danske ID, you’ll firstly need to download and activate it. To do so, go to your phone’s app store and search for ‘Danske ID’. Danske ID will give you easy to follow instructions on screen, but read on below if you need any help.

If you don’t have a smartphone, we can offer you an eSafeID device. This is a physical fob which generates a six digit code allowing you to log onto eBanking or approve actions within eBanking, such as setting up a new payee or amending standing orders.

If you haven’t already ordered one, please call into your local branch or phone us on 0345 603 1534 and select option 2 to order. Please note it will take around 5 – 7 business days for this to arrive when ordered.

eSafe ID key fob

Completing your eBanking log on

Having problems getting logged on to eBanking or the Mobile Bank app?

Check out our help section.

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