How to allow session cookies
You must allow the use of session cookies in your browser in order to make eBanking work properly.

When you first enter one of our websites or apps we set cookies that are needed to run, improve and measure the performance of our sites (known as necessary-, functional- and analytical cookies) on your device, and we display a message about our use of cookies, in a banner. 
See Danske Bank Cookie Policy

Select browser

  • Chrome

    Follow these steps:

    • Open Chrome
    • At the top right - click the three dots.
    • Click 'Settings'. 

    • Click "Privacy and security" in the left menu.
    • Click 'Cookies and other site data'.

    • Chose'Allow all cookies' or 'Block third-party cookies in Incognito'

    • Close the window and restart Chrome.
  • Edge

    Follow the guide:

    • Open Edge
    • Press Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard to open the "Clear browsing data" window.
      Or at the top right - click the three dots and choose 'Settings'.
    • To the left click 'Cookies and site permissions'.
    • Toogle cookies on under 'Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)' 

    • Or you can set permissions for the specific site
      In the box 'Allow',  choose'Add'.
    • Enter and click 'Add'.

  • Safari

    Follow these steps:

    • Open the Safari browser.
    • In the browser toolbar click Safari.
    • Select Preferences.

    • Click Privacy.
    • In the 'Cookies and website data' section clear the check mark in front of 'Block all cookies'.

    • Close the window and restart Safari.

    Now session cookies from Danske Bank are allowed.

  • Firefox

    Follow the guide:

    • Open Firefox and visit
    • At the top right - click the Firefox menu - three horizontal lines.

    • Click the "Options" menu item.
    • Click the 'Privacy & Security' menu item and scroll down to the 'Cookies and Site Data' section.
    • Click 'Manage Permissions' or 'Exceptions' button.
      (note: on macOS it is called Preferences).
    • Enter and click on Allow for Session'.

    • Click  'Save Changes'.

    Next time when you visit, session cookies will be allowed.

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