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From 23rd June 2013, Danske Bank branded £10 and £20 bank notes went into circulation in Northern Ireland. On 27 February 2019 we introduced our polymer £10 bank note followed by our polymer £20 bank note on 20th July 2020.

Please refer to the documents listed below for more information.

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Danke bank £10 polymer note preview

Polymer Danske £10 note

Learn about the design features and details of our polymer £10 note.

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Danske bank 2020 £20 polymer note front thumbnail preview

Polymer Danske £20 note

Learn about the design features and details of our polymer £20 note.

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Danske Polymer £20 Q&A

  • Why Polymer?

    Polymer is widely regarded as being cleaner, more durable and more secure than paper. Our polymer £10 note was launched in February 2019, with our polymer £20 note launched in July 2020, with our polymer £20 note launched in July 2020.

  • When can I get polymer £20 notes?

    We will begin to introduce our polymer £20 into local circulation from 20 July 2020. All branches throughout our network will have polymer notes available during the week beginning 20 July 2020 and during this week you will notice that our cash machines will begin to dispense polymer £20s.

  • When will paper £20 notes cease to be valid and can I still spend them in retail outlets?

    They won’t – customers will always be able to receive value for the notes, however, there will come a date when customers will be encouraged to exchange their paper £20s for polymer at their local branch. We will let you know about this when that time comes.

    There will be a date in the future when we will request retailers to stop accepting paper £20s, but this will be widely communicated at the time.

  • Are polymer notes more likely to be prone to counterfeiting?

    Polymer notes can incorporate advanced security features which make them more difficult to counterfeit.

  • Will the polymer £20 note work in vending/self-service machines?

    We have taken steps to engage with retailers and manufacturers of self-serve tills to try to ensure acceptance of the new notes is as high as possible. There may be a period of transition as the vending/self-service machines are updated to recognise our new notes. If a non-acceptance of polymer notes is raised with us we will contact the retailer or manufacturer as appropriate.

  • Will the Post Office recognise the polymer £20 in lodgements?

    Yes, the Post Office has been updated on the new Danske Bank notes.

Our bank notes - Q&A

  • Why do you print your own notes?

    In Northern Ireland, legislation applies which allows us, as well as Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland, to print and issue our own banknotes. This supports the local bank brand but also enables us to manage our own note supply.

  • Why have you stopped printing £5/£50/£100 notes?

    We haven’t printed any £5 notes since our special edition polymer notes to mark the Millennium. Stocks of those notes were exhausted and due to lack of demand, we decided not to print new stocks.

    In recent years, demand for £50 notes has also been very low and with a readily available supply of Bank of England notes, it is appropriate to move from our current outdated £50 note to Bank of England notes.

    Demand for £100 banknotes is so low that it was not viable to print stocks of Danske Bank branded versions of the notes. Our existing £100 notes are now very outdated and so a decision was taken to withdraw them.

    We have no current plans to reissue a £5/£50 or £100 banknotes.

  • If I have any £5, £50 or £100 Northern Bank notes are they now obsolete?

    All current Northern Bank branded banknotes will retain their face value as promissory notes. If you wish to exchange any in your possession, this can be done at any Danske Bank branch.

  • Are Danske Bank notes accepted outside of Northern Ireland?

    Our bank notes can be accepted across the UK as they are valid sterling notes.

    However, this is subject to the retailer or other recipient being willing to accept them as payment. Danske Bank notes may be refused more frequently in England, Scotland and Wales where the notes are not as familiar to the retailers.

  • When will Northern Bank notes cease to be valid?

    They won’t – customers will always be able to receive value for the notes.