Danske £10 Note

Design features


Size: 142 x 75 mm
Colour: green

Portrait of JB Dunlop
New Danske Bank Logo.
Bicycle bottom left hand corner.
The letters NB or the number 10 appears in the cog wheel designs. The words Northern Bank written in concentric patterns within the 4 corners of the note.


Size: 142 x 75 mm
Colour: green

City Hall Belfast dome
The words Northern Bank appear in microtext in the green sections to the top and lower right of the rear of the note and along the upper right edge of the City Hall Pediment.
The letters NB appear in the cog wheel designs within the large £10.

Security Features - Feel

  • Paper Quality

    The paper should feel crisp - not limp, waxy or shiny.

  • Raised Print

    If you run your finger along Danske Bank title, denomination, address and signature are all raised.

Security Features - Look

  • Print Quality

    Lines should be sharp and well defined with no blurred edges. Colours should be clear and distinct.

  • Watermark

    J.B. Dunlop the same as the main portrait (visible from front and back). Electrotype ten to the right of portrait watermark.

  • Security Thread

    When held to the light the word "Northern" appears within the 1.2mm embedded thread.


  • See Through

    Behind left ear of portrait, includes hexagon pattern within the design which changes green when tilted to light.


  • Microprinting

    The words "Northern Bank" can be seen under the portrait and denomination value within the circle around the logo.


  • Serial Numbers

    Serial numbers are on the front of the note, one vertical and one horizontal.


  • Denomination Numerals

    The number 10 appears on the top left corner and left centre of the front of the note and on both lower corners of the rear.

    The words Ten Pounds is detailed left centre on the front and is right centre toward the bottom of the rear of the note.

    £10 is partially overlaid on the gold foil on the front of the note and right of centre on the upper section of the rear of the note.

  • U.V./Fluorescence

    If you place note under a good quality ultra violet light you will see the barcodes on the front of the note.

    On the back of each note, incorporated within the wheel pattern and also the dome top right of the triangle are fluorescent inks.

  • Gold Foil

    Foil with DP overprint.


Compare the note

Always compare both sides of a suspect note with another note that you know to be genuine, looking for differences between the two. Make sure you check the size of a suspect note against a known genuine note.