Danske £20 Note

Design features


Size: 142 x 75 mm
Colour: green

Portrait of H. Ferguson
New Danske Bank Logo.
Tractor bottom left corner.
Gold foil top right corner.

Northern Bank written in concentric patterns within the 4 corners of note. The letters NB or the number 20 appears in the cog wheel designs.


Size: 142 x 75 mm
Colour: green

City Hall Belfast dome.
The words Northern Bank appear in microtext in the brown sections to the top and lower right of the rear of the note and along the upper right edge of the City Hall Pediment.

The letters NB appear in the cog wheel designs within the large £20.

Security features - Feel

Security Features - Look

Compare the note

Always compare both sides of a suspect note with another note that you know to be genuine, looking for differences between the two. Make sure you check the size of a suspect note against a known genuine note.

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