Danske Cash Reward

Life's more rewarding with a current account that pays a cash reward each month.

Good to know

  • A £7 cash reward every month paid directly into your account
  • The first £100 of any arranged overdraft is interest-free and fee-free
  • You won't pay non-sterling cash withdrawal or purchase fees when using your debit card, although you will pay a 2.75% non-sterling transaction fee.
  • A contactless Debit Mastercard, which acts as a debit card and a cash card
  • Free cash withdrawals at any Post Office® counter with your Debit Mastercard
  • Text and email alerts to get updates on your account balance
  • Easy access to your account with eBanking, Mobile and Tablet Banking

Need to know

  • To get the £7 reward, on or before 6pm on the last business day of the previous calendar month, you must have:
    1. paid in at least £1,200; and
    2. logged on to eBanking or Mobile Banking.
  • There is a £2 monthly account fee, whether or not you qualify for the cash reward.
  • If your arranged overdraft balance goes over £100, fees and interest will apply.
  • You must be aged 18 or over to open this account
  • Whether we provide credit depends on your circumstances. Lending terms and conditions apply
  • You may have to repay any overdraft in full if asked to do so
  • Lending terms and conditions apply

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What else you can expect...

A contactless Debit Mastercard

You can use your debit card online, in store and at any cash machine showing the Mastercard logo. Contactless technology allows you to spend up to £30 in store with a simple tap of your card – perfect for when you're in a rush.
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Text and email alerts to get updates on your account balance

If you use eBanking, we can give you information about your balance by email or text message. With this service, you decide the type of alerts you receive (for example, if you want to receive alerts when your balance is low or when you receive a payment).

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Easy access to your account with eBanking and Mobile Bank App

As well as banking face-to-face at any branch, you can now take care of your finances in more ways than before with our online and mobile banking solutions and services.

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Free cash withdrawals at any Post Office® counter

You can use your Debit Mastercard to withdraw and pay in cash, and check the balance of your accounts, at over 400 branches of the Post Office®.

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Interest rates

Rates correct as at 3 August 2018

Net interest rate Gross interest rate Credit interest rate (AER) (variable)
All credit balances 0% 0% 0%

We work out interest each day and pay it into your account at the end of each calendar month. This interest rate may change in the future.

The arranged overdraft interest rate can change in the future and is currently as shown below.

Arranged overdraft interest rate Arranged overdraft interest rate (EAR) (variable)
Arranged overdraft balance of £100 or less 0% 0%
Arranged overdraft balance of more than £100 17.24% 18.67%

Representative example

18.67% EAR variable
No arrangement fee
£1,200 total amount of credit

Switching a current account to Danske Bank is a free, quick and simple process. And with the Current Account Switch Service, the switch is guaranteed to be completed within seven business days.

Learn about the switching process

Important information

  • You can apply through this website.
    • If you are new to Danske Bank, you need to live in Northern Ireland.
    • If you are already a Danske Bank customer, you need to live in the UK.
  • The cash reward will be added to your account without any tax being taken off. Whether you have to pay tax on the cash reward will depend on your personal circumstances.
  • Take a look at our personal account interest rates leaflet for information on our interest rates.
  • There are limits on the number of free withdrawals you can make over the counter at our branches. A Fee Information Document is available which will provide you with a list of fees for using the main services linked to this account. It will help you compare these fees with those of other accounts. An explanation of the terms, and their definitions, used in the Fee Information Document is available in this Glossary. Full details of fees and charges can be found in Our fees and service charges explained leaflet.
  • A range of charging scenarios is available to show you the charges you will be expected to pay if you try to spend money that isn't in your account and you haven't arranged an overdraft, or if you spend money that takes your account into an unarranged overdraft.
  • Arranged overdrafts are repayable on demand. This means you will have to repay the overdraft in full when asked to do so. You may need to provide security for overdrafts.
  • Information on how to reduce or avoid fees, charges and interest is available. Follow the link to read our recommended steps.
  • You will be sent a statement at least every 6 months. With eBanking, you can ask us to send your statements electronically rather than as paper copies.
  • Full terms and conditions apply.

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