Mastercard used for payment

Debit Mastercard

Benefits and Features

Flexible Contactless Limits

From 15 October 2021, you can set your own contactless transaction limit, up to the new maximum of £100 on your Mobile Bank app. Simply navigate to the Cards tab and choose your card, select Card settings and then select ‘Spending limits’ from the menu.

Don’t have the app? No problem! You can give us a call, or visit any of our branches to change your limit.

Greater Worldwide Acceptance

Your Debit Mastercard can be used at over 46 million locations around the world, through online retailers and at more than a million cash machines in over 210 countries – wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

Danske 3D Secure

3D Secure adds an additional layer of security when shopping online at participating retailers. For more information visit our 3D Secure page.

Contactless Payments* and Cashback

Make Contactless Payments - this great new benefit is a faster way for you to pay for the smaller everyday items in retail outlets wherever you see the contactless symbol. Contactless allows you pay for items totalling less than £100 by touching your card over the contactless terminal at the checkout.

Debit Mastercard supports purchases with Cashback (where Cashback is offered by Retailers) and can also be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs.

*Contactless functionality is available where your card has the contactless symbol (see below) and the retailer offers this facility.

Priceless Cities

Priceless Cities is an exclusive offer just for Mastercard holders. The programme gives you the chance to enjoy unique and exciting experiences with your Mastercard in major cities across the world, including London, Dublin, Moscow, Miami, Sydney and New York.

Priceless Cities also gives you access to offers on dining, entertainment, sports, travel, theatre and music.

For more information about offers and experience both home and abroad, visit External link icon.

For further information please read our Terms and Conditions

If using your card for non-sterling transactions, please refer to

How Does Contactless Work?

  1. Contactless payments of £100 or less can be made wherever you see the contactless symbol.
  2. Look for the contactless symbol on your new debit card. This means you can use your debit card to make purchases of £100 and under without having to enter your PIN making it quicker to pay for smaller, everyday purchases.
  3. The retailer will enter the amount and, once you confirm it is correct, you simply tap your card on the point of sale terminal when it is presented to you. For added security, you’ll occasionally be asked to enter your PIN in the normal way.
  4. Once the point of sale terminal confirms your payment, the transaction is complete. You may ask the retailer for a receipt.
Contactless payment infographic, look for contactless symbol or support and tap card when prompted

Frequently Asked Questions

Contactless Payments

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