Pay your contacts

Owe someone money for dinner? Or want to get your share of that taxi fare?

Pay your contacts, powered by Paym, allows you to send money instantly to friends and family using just their mobile number – no bank details needed.

Getting started

It’s simple to set up and start using Paym – you can register through eBanking or the Danske Mobile Bank app. The steps below show you how to complete the process through the app.

Pay and transfer options on danske mobile banking app

Easy registration

Log on to the app, tap ‘Pay & Transfer’ and then ‘Pay your contacts’ to register.

Choose account

Select the account you want to receive your transfers into.

Select account you want to receive your Paym transfers into
Register number for paym

Register mobile number

Your mobile number will be registered with Paym, allowing you to use the service.


Enter the code that has been sent to your mobile, read and accept the Terms and Conditions and you’re ready to go!

Bank 3 activation code

Using Pay your contacts

Sending money to your contacts is easy with the Danske Mobile Bank app! The person you wish to pay must also be registered for Paym.

Pay and transfer options on danske mobile banking app

Send money quickly

Log on to the app, tap on ‘Pay and Transfer’ and then ‘Pay your contacts’.

Paym search or enter payee phone number

Easy to use

Select one of your contacts or enter a mobile number. Choose the amount and hit send! You can send up to £250 daily.

Paym payee detials, photo, name and number

Safe and secure

When you send money through Pay your contacts, you’ll see the name and number of the person you’re paying before you approve the payment.

Banking has never been more convenient, but remember to keep your information safe.

Never disclose your eBanking user ID, passcode or account details to anyone, and take care if someone contacts you claiming to be from a legitimate organisation such as the bank, the police or HMRC. You can read more about how to Keep it Safe!

Pay your contacts FAQs

Our app is available to eBanking customers on iOS and Android devices. You must be registered for and have logged on to eBanking using your electronic signature to use Danske Mobile Bank. This service may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance. Payments and transfer limits apply. To use Paym, you need to download the Danske Mobile Bank app and register your mobile phone. Paym is a registered trademark of and is used under license from the Mobile Payments Service Company Ltd.

Paym Terms and Conditions