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What being in financial difficulty means for you

If you find yourself in financial difficulty, please speak to us as soon as possible.

We want to help you.

If you’re unable to repay your Danske loan, mortgage, overdraft or credit card, please talk to us as soon as possible. We’ll look at your circumstances to see what we can do to help, such as deferring payments. As every customer is unique, this would be decided on a case-by-case basis.

What help is available?

You can check whether you’re entitled to additional financial support from the government on the NI Direct Benefits Calculator External link icon or you can call the ‘Make the Call’ Helpline: 0800 232 1271. The support available depends on your income and circumstances.

There are many external, independent organisations who offer free debt support and other advice that you may find helpful. We’ve listed some of them below:

Advice and Guidance

  • MoneyHelper has a useful guide on talking to your creditors External link icon, which might make it easier to make that initial conversation less intimidating.
    • They also have a guide on living on a squeezed income External link icon that gives ideas on how to cut back costs, make your income go further and what extra help might be available:
    • MoneyHelper also have a helpful section on ‘Dealing with Debt External link icon’ that you may find useful.
  • Advice NI's Debt Service can help you take control of your finances by providing free, tailored debt advice as well as budgeting tips and solutions to deal with your debt. They can also negotiate with creditors on your behalf. Learn more External link icon
  • Payplan offers free, simple debt advice to anyone who needs it. Its mission is to help people become debt-free through clear, honest advice and debt solutions that work. Learn more External link icon.

Additional Support

  • Cost of living support: If you’re on certain income-related benefits (such as Universal Credit), disabled or a pensioner, you may be entitled to a one-off payment of up to £650 to help with the cost of living increases. If you are eligible, you’ll be paid automatically. Learn more
  • The Finance Support Service External link icon provides support to anyone living in Northern Ireland that needs short-term financial help. If you have a financial crisis you can apply for Discretionary Support or a Short Term Benefit Advance by using the online application form
    • You can find out more about Finance Support, including who is eligible and how to apply for help towards living costs. Find out more External link icon
  • StepChange Debt Charity offers practical support for people who need financial help urgently. Learn more External link icon

If you are concerned about your finances and potentially (or already) missing payments on a Danske Bank overdraft, loan, credit card or mortgage, we’d encourage you to have a conversation with us as soon as possible to see how we can support you. You can request a call back using our dedicated webform. We’re here to help.


If you feel that you’re spending too much money on gambling, or it's having an impact on you or your loved ones, then it might be time to get help. We can help you make changes to reduce the harm gambling causes.

We can allow you to:

  • Block gambling payments

    Instantly block transactions to licenced gambling merchants on your debit card. It takes at least 72 hours to lift the block again, reducing the chances of an impulse bet.

  • Set a gambling spend limit

    Restrict the amount of money you can spend at licenced gambling merchants over a rolling 30 day period. Like the block, it takes at least 72 hours to increase or remove the limit. This limit is applied to an individual debit card - if you have any other cards, they’ll need to have a full gambling block applied to them.

If you’d like to set up either of these, please send us a message in eBanking or Mobile Bank, call us on 0345 600 2882 or speak to us in branch.

Learn more about the gambling support we offer here or for additional support, find out how organisations such as GamCare External link icon as well as measures such as Gamban External link icon and GAMSTOP External link icon can help as well.

Ask us to give you a call

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If you'd like to speak to us about financial difficulties, use our webform to request a call back.

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