Spending overview

Put everything going into and out of your account into neat categories. See your spending at a glance for any period you like, where your money’s going and where it’s coming from.


  1. Log on to eBanking
  2. On the home screen, choose the current account you want the overview for
  3. Click on the tile beside each transaction to change its category
  4. You can choose between ‘Hide categories’ and ‘Show categories.’
  5. You can also choose between spend and income
  6. Use the slider at the top to see your spend and income for a certain time period.

On the Mobile Bank App

  1. Log on
  2. Select ‘Account’ on the wheel
  3. Choose the current account you want the overview for
  4. Tap the three dots at top right for a detailed spending overview
  5. Toggle between Spend, Income and In/Out.