Making it easier to manage your money

With eBanking, our Mobile Apps and Alert services, we make it possible for you to manage your money 24/7.


Manage your accounts anytime with our eBanking facility. Did you know you can:

  • Amend your contact details
  • Check your balance and transactions
  • Transfer money and make payments
  • Manage direct debits
  • Set up and amend standing orders
  • Block and reorder cards.

Spending Overview

With Spending Overview you can easily track your spending and income into helpful categories, and see at a glance where your money is being spent.

Spending Overview is personal to you, and is always up to date.

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Danske Alerts

You can also set up a text subscription service to let you know when your balance goes above or below a certain amount or when your salary goes into your account. Here’s how.

And unless you opt out, we’ll send you Unarranged Overdraft Alert (as long as we have your mobile phone number).

We’ll tell you how much money you need to lodge or transfer to your account, and the time by which you must do this, in order to cover the debits due on your account.

Important information

Our apps are available to customers who use eBanking. Danske Mobile and Tablet Bank App is available on Android and iOS devices. This service may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance.

Payments made outside the UK are governed by the law that applies where the payment is made.

We do not charge for our text service, but you may have to pay your mobile-phone company.