Owe someone money for dinner? Or want to get your share of that taxi fare?

Paym makes it easier to send and receive money using nothing more than a mobile phone number, as long as they’re a Paym user too.

To set it up

  1. Log on to eBanking
  2. Click ‘Mobile Services’ in the top menu
  3. Select Paym under ‘Mobile/Tablet Banking’
  4. You can add your mobile number here.

(When you register for eBanking and give us a phone number, we’ll automatically register you for Paym anyway.)

To use it

  1. Log on to the Mobile Bank app
  2. Select ‘Paym’ from the wheel
  3. Choose how much to send (you can send up to £250 per day)
  4. Pick one of your contacts to send the money to.