Checking your balance

There are a number of easy ways to keep track of your account balance and transactions.

Monitor your finances through your account statements
Use your account statements to monitor your income and expenses each month. They can also be used as confirmation of transactions.

Get account statements in your mailbox in Danske eBanking
If you use the electronic mailbox in our eBanking service, your account statements are made available there. Your account statements are in a safe folder and you can read or print them at any time while you are registered for eBanking. These services may be temporarily un​available when we are carrying out routine maintenance.

Get an email or a text message showing your balance
If you are an eBanking customer, you can find out your balance by email or text message. With this service, you can change the settings for your account (for example, if you want to receive alerts when your balance is low or when you receive a payment).

Use a cash machine to check your balance
You need a Debit MasterCard​ and a PIN to use this service. Use cash machines to check balances and transactions on the account to which the card is connected. You can use cash machines at any time of the day.

Call our 24 Hour Telephone Banking service to check your account information
Use this service to check your account information. This way, you can check your bank accounts wherever you are, at any time of the day. These services may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance.

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