Danske Carbon Neutral Mortgage

A greener mortgage to support you in choosing a greener home. A better deal for you, and the environment.

For home buyers and mortgage switchers in Northern Ireland.

The information on this webpage is for customers buying a home or already living in Northern Ireland. If you are buying a home or already living in England, find out how we could help you

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For mortgages on homes with a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A-C.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

What is a greener home?

A greener home, is a more energy efficient home. This benefits you - the homeowner as you'll save money on your energy bills.

You'll also get a lower rate than on our standard mortgages - so win win.

To be eligible, your home will need to have an energy efficiency rating of A-C. You’ll find a home’s energy efficiency rating on its Energy Performance Certificate (or EPC), if it has one.

The EPC must be valid for at least another year at the date of your mortgage application; if not - or your property doesn't have a rating, we'll ask you to get a new one.

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Homebuyers can get up to £2,000 cashback and switchers can get up to £500 cashback with a Danske Carbon Neutral Mortgage. Use our Danske Carbon Neutral Mortgage calculator to work out your monthly repayments. This calculator will open in Microsoft Excel and is best viewed on your desktop.

You can find the calculator for our standard range on our Mortgage overview page.

Danske Carbon Neutral Mortgage calculator  Co-ownership Mortgage Calculator

How can a mortgage be carbon neutral?

Most activities have a carbon footprint. That's the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by our actions.

We asked the Carbon Trust to help us measure the footprint of our mortgage service - from the paper we use, to the online storage of our digital documents.

To be carbon neutral, we must offset (or cancel out) the amount of carbon emissions that our activity has caused.

The Carbon Trust calculated our footprint at 96kg of carbon emissions for every mortgage we provide.

We’re continually taking action to reduce this footprint and we’re offsetting our impact with wind energy projects in India to achieve carbon neutrality.

So the mortgages we’ll provide on greener homes won’t contribute to rising greenhouse gas emissions.

And that’s certified by the Carbon Trust.

Certified by the Carbon Trust

Danske Carbon Neutral Mortgage is certified against PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Standard by the Carbon Trust. The certification boundary includes the lifecycle of the provision of the mortgage by Danske Bank, including both physical and digital activities (energy consumption, paperwork, waste generated) for all the stages of the mortgage operational provision (application, on-going and end-of-life).

For more detail on our offsetting arrangement and the footprinting review we completed with the Carbon Trust, you can read our qualifying explanatory statement.

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Important information about the Carbon Neutral Mortgage

  • This mortgage is for residential properties only
  • Whether we provide credit depends on your circumstances and you must be 18 or over
  • Lending terms and conditions apply
  • Your home is security for your mortgage, and you may also need to provide other security