Your available balance is changing – don’t panic!

Starting in November, if you have an overdraft, we’re changing the way we display your available balance. If you’re using your overdraft, we’ll show you a negative figure even if you still have some of your overdraft available.



Let’s say you have an arranged overdraft of £100 – how would your balance appear in the following situations?

Scenario Account balance Available balance Available overdraft
Your account is £50 in credit, with no pending transactions, and you’re not using your overdraft £50.00 £50.00 £100.00
You’re £20 into your overdraft with no further pending transactions on your account* -£20.00 -£20.00 £80.00
£20 into overdraft and with further £30 pending -£20.00 -£50.00 £50.00
Using all your overdraft and with further £30 pending -£100.00 -£130.00 £0.00

*pending transactions, for example, purchases with your debit card, haven’t come out of your account yet but affect its available balance


  • Where's my overdraft gone?

    It hasn’t gone anywhere – we’ve simply changed the way you see it.

  • How can I see it?

    If you’re using eBanking or Mobile Bank, just click on your account balance for a detailed breakdown of your balance, including your available overdraft.

    If you’re using a Danske cash machine you’ll see an extra field with your available overdraft.

    If you’re using a non-Danske cash machine, you’ll only be given one figure. If you’re using your overdraft, this will be negative. But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any overdraft left.

  • Why has this been changed?

    We want to emphasise that when you use your overdraft, you’re borrowing money. So we’ve decided to show your overdraft separately from your account balance from now on.