Action required: We need to verify your personal details

Due to legislation affecting all UK Banks, we have an increased responsibility for knowing and understanding how our customers operate their bank accounts, as well as regularly verifying their personal details.

This legal duty applies to all financial services providers and is designed to protect customers, the UK financial system and to help us to prevent and detect financial crime. Please be assured, we will only ask for enough information to allow you to continue to operate your account(s) with us.

We require documentation to confirm your identity

As part of these requirements, we need to ensure that we have satisfactory proof of your identity and residential address. We’ve tried to fulfil our obligations using the information we already hold however we weren’t successful and we have to ask you for additional information. We need you to send us one acceptable proof of identity and one acceptable proof of address. We’ve provided a list of acceptable documents below.

We must receive these documents within 30 days from your receipt of the first request from us.

This first request was sent by letter to the home address we hold for you.

If you are unable to provide documents from the list please contact us on 028 9004 9991.

How to send us your documents

Due to the current Government Coronavirus guidance and for your own convenience, we recommend that you provide us with your documents online where possible. If you are unable to provide these online, please contact us on 028 9004 9991 to discuss how we can support you with this process. In line with Government Coronavirus guidance and for your own safety, please do not provide these documents to us via a branch at this time.

Copies of documents submitted online must be in colour and fully legible.

There are three ways to submit your documents online:

  • You can upload your documents securely on our website. Select the option for Customer Direct under Reason for uploading.
  • If you have our Mobile Bank app you can upload documents securely through the messages function. This way, you can take a picture of the documents and send it to us all from within our app. Select messages, then the icon on the top right hand corner of the screen, then select other queries from the options provided and click on the paperclip to attach your documents. Watch the video below to see how.
  • If you have eBanking, you can submit your documents using the Secure Mail facility by going to contact selecting new message from the drop list and clicking on upload file, you’ll need to have saved copies of your documents on your device before doing this.

Acceptable documentation

If you don’t send us your proof of identity and address documents

You have 30 days from our initial request to send us your documents, if we don't receive the documents requested, we may have to temporarily block your accounts but we will contact you again before doing so. A temporary block means your card will not work and payments to and from your account may be disrupted.

We hope you will understand our request for this additional information is to ensure that we meet our legal and regulatory responsibilities and continue to provide our banking services to you.

Fraud Warning - Be Aware!

Please remember that only a criminal would ask you to reveal your PIN, a code from your eSafeID device, a code we might send you by text message or to approve a logon or transfer request using your Danske ID app. Danske Bank, the police or another legitimate organisation will never ask you to transfer money to another account for ‘security purposes’ or to keep your money safe, and will never ask you to download remote access software to gain access to your PC or mobile device. For further information on how to keep your information safe, please visit our fraud awareness page.

We're here to help

It is important that you provide us with the information we have requested.

If you have any questions, or need support uploading your documents you can refer to our Help section or contact a member of our support team on 028 9004 9991.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this request may cause, we will do everything that we can to support you, so please contact one of our team on the number provided if you would like to discuss or need support.