How we’re improving your online security

We’re always working to improve your security. We’ll often ask you for extra security information when you’re banking or buying online using ‘two factor authentication’ which means that we’ll need something from two of three categories in order to verify your identity. This is better known as Strong Customer Authentication.

What we’ll ask you for

We’ll need one thing from two of these categories

  • password-lock

Something you know, like your password

Something you have, such as your eSafeID

  • finger print

Something unique to you, your fingerprint or face ID

What's changing

Activating debit and credit cards

Any cardholders will have to activate their new debit or credit card before they can be used (don’t worry - we’ll include instructions with the card).

From 15 October 2021, the individual contactless transaction limit on our debit and credit cards will be £100. This increase will be implemented across all retailers over the coming months.

Activating your eSafeID Device

When you receive a new eSafeID device to use to log onto District, you’ll need to activate it before you use it for the first time. To complete this, simply visit and follow the steps.

Automatic log off

If you’re inactive for 5 minutes you’ll be logged off online banking, so be careful when manually keying payment details to ensure you don’t lose them. We’ll warn you after 4 minutes of inactivity to remind you to stay logged on.

Transferring money

When approving online transfers you may be asked for your security info more often.

Shopping online

When buying something online, cardholders are asked to authorise their purchases with a unique six digit code, a one-time passcode, which we’ll send by text. However cardholders will soon be asked to approve online shopping payments using a unique one-time passcode, sent by text, along with a password, set by the cardholder.

One-time passcodes can only be sent by text so please make sure we have your cardholders’ most up to date mobile numbers, otherwise they will be unable to purchase online using their Danske Mastercard.

Learn more about Strong Customer Authentication

What you’ll need to do

Update or check mobile numbers

You can check or update your details by:

  • visiting any branch
  • calling your business team
  • writing to us through District or by post
By sending a secure mail: Through District: By post:

You can send a message to us through business online banking ’s secure email:

  • Log on to District or the App
  • Select ‘Contact and help’ then ‘Create Message’ (or from your App select ‘Communication’ then ‘Create Message’)
  • Type your message
  • Send your message

If you’re a separate mandate holder, you can update your contact details on the desktop version of District:

  • After you’ve logged on, click ‘Administration’ from the top menu
  • In the drop down Menu, under General Settings, select ‘User Information’
  • Select the ‘Edit’ button and complete as required

Write to:

Danske Bank
PO Box 2111
BT10 9EG

Your Account Manager

Alternatively you can check or update by Phone Days Time Contact Number
Corporate Monday to Friday
9am – 5pm
0345 266 1166
Business Centres Monday to Friday
8am – 6pm
9am to 1pm
0345 266 8899
(+44 (0)28 9004 9256 from outside the UK)
Business Direct Monday to Friday
8am – 6pm
9am to 1pm
0345 266 6555 /
028 9004 6015
(+44 (0)28 9004 6015 from outside the UK)
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