Go Discovery

Welcome to the Danske Go Discovery upload portal!

To finish your application we’d now like you to upload some documents.

Proof of identity for the child - please upload one of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • Passport
  • Full Driving license

Proof of identity and/or address for the parent - if we’ve asked you to provide this, you can upload it here too. We should already have given you a list of what we can accept for proof of identity and address.

You can upload these documents using your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

You can even upload a photo of them if it’s easier, as long as it's clear and easy for us to read.

Please fill in all the fields and follow the instructions below to upload your documents.

* Please fill all the mandatory fields.

Hints and tips for uploading:

You can upload both parent and child’s documents together, as long as there are no more than 10 files at a time.

Even if you’re only uploading the parent’s documents, please tell us the child’s name and date of birth in the fields above - this will help us link them to their Danske Discovery application.

Files should be in one of the following formats:


  • docx
  • doc
  • text
  • txt
  • xlsx
  • xls
  • pdf

For pictures:

  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • png
  • gif

Files shouldn't be more than 4MB in size and the file name shouldn't exceed 24 characters, including spaces.

You can search for your saved documents on your device by using the upload button below - you can upload one document at a time (this may take a few seconds). The name you have saved your document under will be the reference we see when you upload it. Once you’re happy that you’ve attached the documents you want to upload please click ‘Send’.

When you click ‘Send’ you also agree to send your information to us at Danske Bank.

File Size Exceeds the Limit
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