Supporting the needs of all our customers

How we can help you deal with a major life event

  • Divorce or separation

    This can be a distressing time and it can be difficult to know how to deal with your finances. Talk to us about how best to manage your current account, credit card, mortgage or any investments you may have with us.

    You can also find emotional support and guidance from Relate external link icon, Moneyhelper external link icon and, for single parent families, Gingerbread external link icon.

  • Financial abuse

    Financial abuse involves controlling or restricting someone’s access to money. This abuse can come from partners, family members or carers and can have a devastating effect, trapping victims in relationships and often leaving them vulnerable to physical abuse.

    If this is happening to you, we can help you manage your money, open new accounts and cope with any debts you may have with us. We can show you how to protect your finances and can keep your information safe.

    For further support, the UK Finance Financial Abuse Support Guide ‘It’s Your Money’ lists organisations you can contact for practical help and guidance.