We’ve detected remote access software…

Our Danske ID app is unable to start as we’ve detected that you have a remote access app installed on your device. Before you can continue to use Danske ID you’ll need to remove any remote access apps from your device.

Are you currently on the phone with someone who’s recently contacted you to help you with your device, provide a refund for goods or a service, or solve a problem with your internet connection?

If so, did they ask you to download an app onto your device and are you sure they are who they say they are?

If you’re not sure, end the call with them immediately and contact us to discuss.

Danske ID is only used to log on to eBanking, to activate our Mobile Bank app on a new phone or tablet or to approve transfers from your account. It’s never used to approve refunds.

Remember, we’ll never ask you to share your eBanking User ID, passcode or any codes that you might receive from us by text message, but a criminal would!

Take Five to stop fraud. Stop. Challenge. Protect.