What to expect in your mortgage meeting

We're looking forward to meeting you. The mortgage process can seem daunting, but our expert advisers are here to help.

Our advice is tailored to you and we will move at a pace that you find comfortable.

Your mortgage meeting is an opportunity:

  • to discuss your hopes around buying a new home or repackaging an existing mortgage;
  • to get advice from a mortgage expert on the most suitable product for your individual needs; and
  • to ask any questions you may have about the home-buying or mortgage processes.


Ahead of your meeting...

What documents do I need to provide?

To help us give you the best advice and ensure that your mortgage application runs smoothly, please provide us with the correct documents from the lists below.

Save time by sending us documents before your meeting

You can upload them or send us a secure email - but don't worry if you can’t. You can give them to us afterwards (but be aware it may slow down your application).

Securely upload your documents online

Upload documents through Secure Mail

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