The UK voted to leave the European Union in June 2016. In March 2017, the UK Government started the process of leaving the EU by triggering Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.

As things stand currently, there is still uncertainty around what will happen next and what impact this will have on the wider financial services sector in the future.

Those uncertainties may have implications for the banking services we provide, and we are continuing our work on potential Brexit impacts. If there are going to be changes to the services we provide, we will let you know.

In addition to work being done locally, we are working closely on our Brexit preparations with colleagues in the Danske Bank Group. We are also engaged in regular dialogue with our regulators, both the PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority) and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) on how we are preparing for the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU).

To help customers understand what Brexit means for the services we deliver, we have put together answers to some frequently asked questions.


  • What does Brexit mean for Danske Bank customers?

    There won’t be any changes to your everyday banking services while the UK remains an EU member state.

    If a withdrawal deal is agreed, the UK will enter a transition period once it leaves the EU, during which time the provision of banking services will operate in the same way that it does now.

    Following a transition period, or in the event that the UK leaves the EU with no withdrawal agreement, there could be changes to some of the services we provide to our customers.

    We’ll let you know if there are going to be any changes to the banking services you receive from us.

  • Will my money be safe after Brexit?

    Yes. As is currently the case, your money will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You can find more information on the FSCS website.

    You will still be able to access all services through our branches, our regional business centres, cash machines and our full range of digital banking channels.

  • Will I still be able to use cash machines in EU countries after Brexit?

    Yes, in the same way that you can currently, you’ll still be able to withdraw cash in both EU and non-EU countries worldwide, using your Danske Bank debit or credit card.

  • Will I still be able to make and receive payments from EU countries?

    Yes. Customers resident in the UK will still be able to make and receive bank transfers to and from Europe.

  • Could I lose access to UK-based bank accounts if I reside in the EU?

    We don’t yet know what access UK-based financial services providers will have to the EU after Brexit or what access an EU resident may have to UK bank accounts; there may be a risk that people living in the EU may not be able to access some UK banking services after Brexit.

    If a withdrawal agreement is reached and the UK enters into a transition period, EU-based customers would be able to retain access to their UK banking services for the duration of that period.

    In the event of a no-deal Brexit, dependent upon the approach of the various EU regulators, it is possible that some EU-based customers may no longer be able to avail of their UK banking facilities. In these circumstances, we’ll work with customers to try to minimise any disruption for them.

  • Will I still be able to access eBanking, Business eBanking and my Mobile Bank App when I am in the European Union?

    Yes. You will still be able to log on as normal and access all your services on eBanking, Business eBanking and on your Mobile Bank App.

  • Will there be any changes to how the Bank uses my personal data?

    The Bank will continue to process your personal data in accordance with our privacy notice: ‘How we use your personal and business information’. You can find a copy of the document by clicking here.

  • Will I still be able to use my debit and credit cards in EU Countries?

    Yes. In the same way that you can currently, you will still be able to withdraw cash and make payments in both EU and non-EU countries worldwide, using your Danske Bank debit or credit card. Charges may be incurred.