Dormant, lost or forgotten

We are committed to helping customers trace their dormant, lost or forgotten accounts.

If you visit any of our branches, we will be able to help you trace any old and unused current or savings accounts that you may have with us.

You should bring supporting documents with you (such as an old passbook, statement or letter from us), proof of your identity (such as a passport, or photocard full driving licence) and proof of your address (such as an original utility (gas or electricity) bill issued within the last three months).​

How to get a form to reclaim funds from a dormant, lost or forgotten account

You can get a claim form from any of the following.

1 Any of our branches.

2 UK Finance at:

Manager at Dormant Accounts
UK Finance
5th Floor, One Angel Court

020 3934 0329 *

3 The Central Tracing Service online at *

Central Tracing Service
If you are not sure which bank may have held the account, you should use the Central Tracing Service to make your claim. You can do this online at By selecting ‘download forms’ and then ‘UK Finance website’, you can download a copy of the dormant account claim form, or get more information.

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Unclaimed Assets Scheme
We take part in the unclaimed assets scheme set up under the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Act 2008. The purpose of the scheme is to allow money in dormant accounts (in other words, money in accounts that have been inactive or dormant for 15 years or more) to be distributed for the benefit of the community, while protecting the rights of customers to reclaim their money. Under the scheme, we may transfer balances of dormant accounts to Reclaim Fund Ltd (RFL).

RFL is a not-for-profit reclaim fund which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If we transfer the balance of your account to RFL, you will have against RFL whatever right to payment of your balance you would have had against us if the transfer had never happened . However, we will remain responsible for managing all aspects of the customer relationship with you and for handling all repayment claims (which we will do on behalf of RFL). Therefore, you should continue to contact us in the usual way if you have any queries or complaints in relation to your account or balance.

If you have a savings or current account and you have not made any withdrawals or deposits for 15 years or more and we have not heard from you during that time, we may transfer the balance in your dormant account to RFL. Before transferring your balance, we will write to you at least once to the most recent address we hold for you to ask if you want to keep the account open (unless mail has previously been returned from that address). We may also make other attempts to trace you.

Both we and RFL take part in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The transfer by us to RFL of your balance will not adversely affect any entitlement you have to compensation from the FSCS.

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