Important service announcements

Fraud alert

Update – Tuesday 13 March

Please be aware that new SMS texts are being issued, requesting a callback to a 0330 number. The number is not genuine, do not call.

Remember, there are no circumstances where Danske Bank will ever ask you to share PINs, passwords or log on details.

Be aware of texts, calls, emails or online messages requesting 'urgent' callbacks or requesting your personal security details. If you do release these details, it will expose you to risk of fraud. Our legitimate numbers can be found on our Useful Numbers page.

Monday 12 March

We're aware of text messages in circulation from individuals purporting to be from Danske Bank. Do not call the number contained in the message, instead you will find our official contact details here.

Please remember we will never ask for personal information such as PINs, passwords or log on details over the phone, email or online. If you’ve called the number or suspect fraud on your account, please report it through our channels, which can be found here.