Update your Business Details

  • Change your phone number or email address

    Please contact us to change your details on Business eBanking.
  • Change of business address

    Please contact us to change your details on Business eBanking.

    If you are changing your trading address, please provide documentation that confirms your new address, such as:

    Examples of the information required are:

    • New Property Lease document
    • New rates bill
    • Utility bill for the new premises, dated within the last three months
    • VAT registration form
  • Change of cardholder's address

    You can tell us of a change of address by:

    • Sending us a Secure Message via Business eBanking or the Mobile Banking app:
      • Business eBanking: click on Contact and Help, Contact and Create Message
      • Mobile Banking: click on Communication, then Create New Message at the top right of screen
    • Phoning your local branch
    • Posting your branch a signed letter with evidence of both your old and new addresses.