Business account mandates

If you want to allow someone else to operate your business account we require your written permission in the form of a mandate. We need you to give us a mandate for operation of the following:

  • A mandate to operate your accounts for day to day activities such as signing cheques, withdrawing cash at the counter, signing instructions such as Direct Debit authorities, standing order requests and to use our online banking platform, District, in accordance with your User Authorisation.
  • A mandate to operate your accounts using District only – this mandate will allow you to use our online banking platform in accordance with your User Authorisation.
  • A mandate to use a debit card on your account – we sometimes call this a cardholder application form.

There are different levels of permission that you can grant to a mandate holder. This allows you to manage who can, for example, view and enquire about accounts only (useful for bookkeeping purposes) and who can make payments and transfers with or without further approval.

For more information on mandates and the levels of permission, view our Mandates explained overview (PDF).

It is important that your mandate is kept up to date and that you advise us immediately of any changes.

Ordering an additional account mandate holder to your business account using District

To add or amend an account mandate holder to your business account using District you need to:

  • Log on to District
  • Select “Additional Services” from the left hand menu
  • Select “Other Services” from the top menu
  • Select “Manual mandate request”
  • Complete the form and click “Send request”

You will receive the mandate document by post for signature and return.

Ordering an additional mandate holder to a business account by post

To add an additional mandate holder to a business account, please complete the relevant form below, specific to your business type, and submit the form to us, along with a completed signature card. The signature card provides us with samples of the new mandate holder’s signature and can be used when checking the mandate holder’s signature on a document related to the business account.

If you have any questions around completing your mandate form, please contact us on 03452 668899.

Mandate Sole Trader or Partnership Mandate

DownloadDownload Mandate

Mandate for Incorporated Company (Limited and Unlimited)

DownloadDownload Mandate

Mandate Incorporated Limited Liability Partnership

DownloadDownload Mandate

Mandate Unincorporated club society or association

DownloadDownload Mandate

Signature Card – Business Customer


How to submit completed mandate forms

You can submit your completed mandate form and signature card in one of the following ways:

  • If you are an active District user, please scan the documents in full colour and send to us using the secure message function:

    1. Log on to District
    2. Select “Contact & Help” from the top right hand menu
    3. Select the blue button directly below called “Create message”
    4. Select “Day to Day Banking”
    5. Complete the form, attach your completed documents and select Send.

  • Leave the signed paper documents into your local branch marked for the attention of: Service Team, Business Customer Support, Killeaton House and ask the branch to forward the documents to Business Customer Support.

  • Post the signed paper documents to us directly at:
    Service Team
    Business Customer Support
    Danske Bank
    Killeaton House
    41 Mosside Road
    BT17 9HH

If we receive a mandate not signed by the appropriately authorised individuals (the existing account holders) within the business, if data is missing or if an incorrect business type has been selected, then we will contact you to correct the information via the contact details we currently hold for you.

Removing a mandate holder

If you wish to remove an existing mandate holder from your account(s) then please detail your instructions in writing, on headed paper and ensure the instructions are signed by any other relevant account holders, if necessary. The request to remove a mandate holder can be submitted to us using one of the three methods outlined above.

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