Adding Additional Card Holders

If you would like to apply for an additional card holder to have a debit card on your business current account, complete the application form and authorised signatory information form below and return the forms to us.

You must fill in a separate application form for each additional cardholder.

You can either:

  • Apply for a card which allows the cardholder to withdraw cash at a cash machine and/or pay for goods and services at any point of sale (retail) outlets
  • Apply for a card which is used solely for the purposes of depositing cash at Post Offices.

The level of authority you give to your cardholder(s) is entirely at your own discretion.

Authorised signatory information form (to authorise us to electronically identify you)

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Application for an additional card holder

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How to submit completed forms

You can submit your completed card holder application and signatory information form in one of the following ways:

  • If you are an active District user, please scan the documents in full colour and submit via the secure message function within District. We cannot accept documents submitted to us via email.
  • Leave the signed paper documents into your local branch marked for the attention of: “Service Team, Business Customer Support, Killeaton House” and ask the branch to forward the documents to Business Customer Support.
  • Post the signed paper documents to us directly at:
    Service Team
    Business Customer Support
    Danske Bank
    Killeaton House
    41 Mosside Road
    BT17 9HH