Important information for business customers

Here you’ll find documentation you’ll need if you’re a Danske business customer.


Important information

How you are protected

  • Putting things right for you

    If you are not happy with any aspect of our service you can find out more about our internal complaint handling procedures in our leaflet Putting Things Right for You. We aim to deal with complaints in a way our customers are satisfied with.

  • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) - FAQs
  • How can I appeal a Business Lending Decision?

    Monitoring & Appeals Process

    As part of our commitment to the Better Business Finance initiative Danske Bank operates a formal appeals process for declined applications for credit/finance. There will be occasions when we say no to a credit application. If you have been unsuccessful in your application, you can appeal the decision.

    An appeal must be raised by using the template found at the appeals section of the Better Business Finance website within 30 days of the decline being advised to you. There are cases when the appeal will not be considered and you can find more information on exclusions on the Better Business Finance website.

    The decision will initially be reviewed by an individual who has not been part of the initial application and decision. The process will also be overviewed by an independent body who will ensure that the appeals process has been adhered to.

    Full details can be accessed through the Better Business Finance website where you will also find lots of useful information and factsheets on not only the appeals process but many other areas of business finance support.