Bridging Loan

When you need short term financing, then a Business Bridging Loan may be the answer.

  • A Business Bridging Loan provides you with short term finance for a specific purpose when you need it - letting you close a deal without needing to wait until another transaction takes place
  • It can assist with the construction or renovation of a commercial property when you need to make staged payments as the work progresses
  • No minimum or maximum loan amount

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  • Business Bridging Loans generally have a term of 12 months, but longer terms are possible
  • Repayment is normally made in one lump sum, at or before the end of the agreed term. The repayment may be made from, for example, the proceeds of the sale of property or other assets, a maturing investment or refinancing by approved third–party borrowing
  • Interest is calculated daily and applied monthly
  • If you do not already hold a Danske business current account, a service account will be required
  • Arrangement fee is negotiable

Important information

Whether we provide credit depends on your circumstances, and you must be 18 or over. Lending terms and conditions apply.

The rate and term at which we lend will reflect our assessment of the circumstances of your business, the chosen loan amount and the loan purpose. Written quotations are available on request.

You may need to provide security.

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