Business banking at your convenience

As well as banking online and in branch you can use your nearest Post Office®

Any cash lodgement fees and charges you’ve agreed with your Relationship Manager for our branches also apply to Post Office® lodgements.


  1. Sterling cash only may be deposited
  2. Mixed deposits of cash and cheques are not permitted
  3. Cash must be deposited flat and sorted by denomination and strapped in bundles of 100 notes per denomination where volume allows. Coins must be in full coin bags per denomination.
  4. A maximum value of £250 coin may be deposited in any single deposit, However, this may be exceeded where a full bulk bag of £2 or £1 coin is lodged, the value of such bags being £500.
  5. Additional restrictions may apply at certain Post Office® branches in NI where a lower single deposit level may be in place.
  6. If you intend to regularly make cash deposits of £20k or more per week or deposit more than 10 bulk coin bags per week, please let us know in advance as we may need to make specific arrangements with the Post Office® to accommodate your deposits.

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