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Hints and tips

  • Where we do business

    • We only accept applications for properties located in Northern Ireland
    • We only accept applications to register with Danske Bank for brokers located in Northern Ireland
  • Danske HOME (Online application system)

    • Affordability calculator should be used for all cases prior to submission.
    • Danske HOME offers postcode look up facility and manual entry. Postcodes must be entered in capital letters and for new build properties we only require first half of postcode e.g. BT1 (new build) or BT1 6JS (existing property).
    • Danske HOME offers a look up facility for approved solicitor details using a postcode or name look up function. If the application relates to an existing DB mortgage we have a dummy solicitor that can be used – enter postcode BT1 6JS. For Helping Hand Mortgages the approved solicitors detail will pre-populate with John McKee Solicitors.
    • Customer Information: Please inform your customer that repayments quoted on the system produced ESIS may differ very slightly from the exact amounts, which will be confirmed to your customer at drawdown of the mortgage.
    • Issues logging onto Danske HOME – refer to the Quick Start guide initially, if that fails please contact us
    • To help us move from Full Mortgage Application (FMA) to Offer as quickly as possible, please ensure that you submit Fully Packaged Mortgage Applications. These are applications which:
      • have all applicable data fields complete and accurate,
      • all customer supporting documents are provided,
      • the supporting documents evidence the declared income and expenditure used at Decision in Principle (DIP) stage.
  • Case Updates

    • Log into Danske HOME and you can check the case status – this will let you see notes, upload documents, see what documents we have issued and when it was issued. You can also check on any outstanding checklist items.
    • Uploaded documents – once you upload your documents they will be visible in your Danske HOME portal, one of our team will review these. We update the case status regularly so please check for any updates/comments.
  • Decision in Principle (DIP)

    • Accurate input of information in the Affordability Calculator and at Decision in Principle (DIP) is key to ensuring the right decision.
    • All self-employed cases will initially be a Decision in Principle (DIP) REFER decision, we will contact you to review the details of these cases.
  • Income

    • Use Gross Annual Income
    • Overtime, Commission, Bonuses and Shift Allowances
      • Enter the average amount, taken from the last 3 months’ payslips and annualised.
      • If contractually guaranteed include as an annual amount under ‘Permanent Contracted Allowances’.
      • Refer - if a case with a high level of overtime can be evidenced for 3 years
      • Note - additional checklist items will be required.
    • Self-employed Income – Use figure from SA302.
  • Benefits

    • Child Benefit for children under 12 can be included in the section entitled ‘child benefits for those aged 12 and under’, 100% will be allowed.
    • State Benefits and Tax Credits can also now be included in the section ‘other state benefits’. We will adjust to allow 25% or 50% if customer is retired.
    • Be aware that in the DIP system the above income will need to be included in the ‘other sources of income’ section.
  • Expenditure

    • Committed Expenditure including any deductions from income via payroll should be entered under ‘Other Commitments - Non Lifestyle’, use dropdown box e.g. Pensions, Car Insurance, Car Tax, Childcare etc. parties, if this is not the case please add a note to the system
    • For joint applications we expect to see car expenditure for all to clarify a ‘nil return’ for 1 or all parties, as appropriate
  • Product Transfer

    • Product Transfer is available for customers maturing from an existing Danske Bank Fixed Rate, Standard Variable Rate or Follow on Rate.
    • If there is any change to the amount, term or parties to the loan then you need to submit a Full Mortgage Application – please still select the Product Transfer button to reflect this is a change to an existing mortgage.
    • Off period – if the customer’s monthly mortgage repayment is due within 19 days from the rollover date then the interest rate will change immediately on rollover, however, the mortgage repayment will not be updated until the following month.
  • Valuations

    • The Danske HOME system will be updated to let you know when a valuation is ordered and you can view a copy of this once it is completed.
    • Add a note to your case in Danske HOME and we will follow up on the note. On receipt re-inspection will be available for you to view online.
  • Supporting documents

    Only upload the documents that are requested on the checklist.

  • Customer address change

    Where a customer is buying a new property, unless they have opted out during the mortgage meeting, we will update the customer’s postal address to that of the mortgaged property on the day it completes.