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Lending - Lending Criteria


We generally do not accept applications where any of the applicants are currently bankrupt. Where an applicant is a discharged bankrupt please contact us for further information.


Will be taken into account during the credit scoring process and further information relating to the circumstances should be provided.

Consumer Buy to Let

For Consumer Buy to Let applications, please contact us.

Debt Consolidation

We will normally only consider debt consolidation for our existing residential mortgage customers. Please contact us.

Distressed Sales and Leaseback

We do not accept applications involving a distressed sale and leaseback.

Forces Help to Buy

We accept applications with Forces Help to Buy. Please speak to your BDM for further information.

Interest Only Mortgages

We do not accept applications for interest only mortgages.

Investment Property Loans / Buy to Let

For Investment Property Loans / Buy to Let, please contact us.

Retirement Home Plan / Lifetime Mortgage

We do not offer Retirement Home Plans or Lifetime Mortgages.

Right to Buy

We can only accept Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) applications through this channel.

Sub Sales / Buyback

We do not permit Sub Sales or Buyback.

Term of Mortgage

Maximum term available is 40 years or advised retirement age, whichever is sooner. Retirement age is based on the lower of that advised by the applicant, or age 70. Loans may be extended beyond retirement age provided that verified post-retirement income meets affordability criteria rules. If the customer has 11 years or more until retirement and the term of the mortgage does not take the applicant more than 5 years beyond stated retirement age or 70 whichever is lower, we will only require evidence that they are currently making pension contributions. Otherwise, pension projections are needed.

This concession does not, however, allow the maximum loan term of 40 years to be exceeded, and the mortgage must be repaid by the applicant's 75th birthday.

For joint applications, advised retirement (being the lower of the applicant advised age or age 70) applies to:

  • Main income earner if serviceability is based on this income alone, or
  • Both applicants if serviceability is dependent upon both incomes.

Transfer of Equity

Please contact us for further information before creating the application.

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