Customer - Lending Criteria

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Customer Verification

All applications must be submitted with customer verification documents. You can find a list of the documents that we will accept to verify the ID and Address of a mortgage applicant in the Mortgage Intermediary Aide Memoire.

This document also advises you how to certify our documents.

First Time Buyer (FTB)

A customer who has never previously owned a property which required finance. Where the application is joint, at least one party must meet this condition.

Foreign Currency Mortgages

The bank only provides mortgages in sterling.

Minimum / Maximum Age

  • Minimum - 18 years old
  • Maximum - mortgage must be repaid by applicant’s 75th birthday. If the loan term extends into retirement, with retirement age based on the lower of that advised by the applicant, or age 70, verified post retirement income must meet affordability criteria rules.

See section, 'Retirement'.

Non UK/EEA Citizens

Applicant(s) must be a UK or EEA citizen, or have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

They must be a permanent UK resident at the time the application is made.

Applications from Non UK/EEA citizens will not be considered unless both applicants are:

  • A citizen of a contry in the EEA (European Economic Area) or;
  • Where the applicant (in the case of joint applicants, both) has a permanent right of residency to remain in the UK that is not conditional on the requirment to have employment. Where it is attached to a working or highly skilled migrant visa, it will not be accepted. A copy of the visa page of the applicant's passport will be required to evidence this.

For joint applications where only one applicant is a UK or EEA citizen, and the other is not, the application may be considered but we will only use the income from the UK or EEA citizen.

Number of Applicants

There is a maximum number of 4 applicants in a single application.