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Mortgage Affordability checker

Our Mortgage Affordability Calculator will give you a broad indication on whether the application with us should proceed. It is designed for guidance purposes only.

Follow the steps below:

(If you have any issues using the calculator, please contact us)

Step Action

Launch our Mortgage Affordability Calculator.

Download Calculator

Complete all the input fields:

  • Customer Information
  • Loan Details
  • Income
  • Existing Debt (if applicable)


  • The Loan Amount field should include any product fees when an applicant chooses to add them to the loan
  • Remember to check inputs against payslips and Bank statements

The calculator will automatically produce 'Proceed' or 'Do Not Proceed' result based on our minimum criteria.


When proceeding to application you should print a copy of the Mortgage Affordability Calculator result and post this to us with our other required documentation.

Whether we grant an applicant any of our credit facilities will depend on their age and circumstances.