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Affordability - Lending Criteria


We assess all applications on the applicant(s) ability and willingness to meet obligations. We will not grant credit facilities on the basis of security. The term of any facility must be in line with the purpose for which it is granted.

When analysing the applicant's creditworthiness, you must consider their:

  • present ability to repay the loan
  • future ability to repay the loan
  • willingness to repay the loan

In order to ensure that the customer can afford to repay their mortgage in the event that interest rates increase we also undertake a stress test to show the effect of this of their mortgage repayment. Before you submit an application, you must use our affordability calculator to check if the applicant meets the following criteria.

  • Net Disposable Income (including stress test)
  • LTV
  • Debt Service Ratio
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Committed Expenditure

Please detail all committed expenditure on the application form:

  • Hire Purchase / Personal Loans / Student Loans
  • Childcare / Education Fees
  • Child Maintenance / Alimony payments
  • Credit Card (s) / Store Cards / Mail Order / Overdrafts - a minimum payment of 3% of the current balance of each facility will be included in the calculation of affordability.
  • Life Insurance / Private Health Insurance
  • Pension contributions
  • Professional Subscriptions

Credit Scoring

All applications will be credit scored. We use information provided by Experian as part of our credit assessment.

Applicants can obtain their information by contacting Experian directly at:

Experian Limited
Consumer Help Service
PO BOX 8000
Nottingham NG80 7WF

Telephone number: 0844 481 8000

Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR)

A Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR) is a measurement of what percentage of a customer’s monthly income is required to service committed liabilities.

Loan to Income

  • 5x If Application Income is >=£50k and LTV <= 90%
  • 4.5x if Application Income <£50k and LTV <= 90%
  • 4.49 x if LTV > 90%
  • 4.49x Application Income for Co Ownership Applications

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